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Ask, Align, and Act: How to transform the employee experience today

A proven, proactive, problem-solving framework that delivers bias free results.

There’s a good reason why employee experience has become more than a buzzword: When approached correctly, it can have a big impact on corporate performance. Achieving results, however, is not all about yoga or foosball tables because the employee experience is deeply rooted in the work itself. 

How can HR leaders and people managers help the business focus on the right employee experience levers, in the moments that matter?

Watch this video to learn how HR teams are successfully honing in on the connections between employee experience and business outcomes, and are delivering results for their people and the organisations through a proactive bias free data driven framework. 

In this session you’ll learn how to:

- Ask the right questions of your people data to identify where you should focus
- Align your findings with the observations of practitioners to decide where you should dig in
- Act, with a plan designed to respond to the defined problem, and monitor. the results.

This session was presented at HR of Tomorrow Europe Conference, March 2021.

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