Avoid the Cost and Pain of Business Intelligence Projects

What's Holding HR Back?

The business value of data-driven HR is well understood. Yet many HR departments continue to operate on guesswork. What is holding HR back?

For many organizations, the answer lies in the approach they choose to take. For years, business intelligence (BI) tools and methods have been the standard way to tackle company-wide projects involving analytics, and, understandably, those are the same tools and methods that many companies have turned to for people analytics. But many organizations are now realizing that the BI approach is one that’s expensive, time-consuming, and fraught with risk—regardless of the BI tools and technologies being used—for several reasons.

Read on to learn:
  • The documented pains of BI projects, including its high hidden costs and lengthy implementation timelines
  • How a people analytics solution can deploy faster and achieve ROI sooner than BI projects