Building your Business Case for Workforce Analytics and Planning

How can you build a business case to get your workforce analytics initiative funded this year, not this decade?

It is commonly understood that companies with workforce analytics capabilities outperform their peers in quality of hire, retention, and leadership capabilities. Yet recent research by Harvard Business Review has found a large gap between what companies expect from HR -- data-driven insight and action -- and the capabilities that are necessary to deliver it. In fact, Deloitte University Press’ Global Human Capital Trends report found that although 75% of companies believe workforce analytics is important, only 8% believe their company is “strong” in this area -- almost the same results as their 2014 survey.

Learn how to build your business case to convince the executive team to invest in workforce analytics and planning. Help them see the connections between HR strategy and business outcomes with tips from analytics expert, Ian Cook. This informative and practical webinar will teach you:

  • The drivers behind the datafication of HR
  • How to build a business case for workforce analytics
  • Examples of workforce analytics at work