The Business Value of People Analytics

Are You Ready to Prove the Strategic Impact of HR?

Companies that make data-driven decisions about their people achieve higher stock performance, higher gross margins, and a better return on equity than those that don’t. Propelled by the need for better business outcomes, more and more organizations are accelerating the “datatifcation” of HR.

But if you’re an HR leader at an organization that hasn’t yet made the leap, how can you make the case for investing in people analytics? What are the specific business benefits that organizations like yours have already experienced, and what returns would you be likely to see?

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear HR technology expert and thought-leader Lexy Martin answer those questions and describe how your peers at other organizations are already using people analytics to:

  • Measure how workforce decisions contribute directly to business outcomes
  • Justify existing HR programs and make the case for new workforce investments
  • Prove the strategic impact of HR and increase the visibility of the function