Clarity Magazine: Volume 2

Build organizations fit for the future—and your people

Clarity Magazine is devoted to keeping data-driven HR and business leaders informed on the fast-changing field of people analytics. Volume 2 of the magazine showcases stories, leading practices, and the latest research on achieving strategic outcomes using workforce data and people analytics.

Here’s what you can expect in Volume 2:

  • “People Analytics Grows Up: Enter the Topic of Ethics” by Josh Bersin, HR luminary
  • “How HR Will Be the Catalyst for Change” by Stela Lupushor of Reframe.Work
  • “What is the Ideal Span of Control” by Leandra Griep of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany.
  • “Humanizing Organizations” by iconoclastic business thinkers Gary Hamel and Michele Zanini
  • And many more!

Clarity is available in both print and digital editions. The digital edition is available by simply filling out the form on this page. To receive a complimentary copy of the print edition, please email