Diversity and Inclusion 3.0

Connecting diversity analytics to employee engagement, organizational network analysis, and impact on business outcomes

Diversity is about being invited to the party. Inclusion is more than being asked to dance. It’s dancing; it’s choosing the music; it’s being part of the party planning. In this webcast, we will explore the historical progression of curating a diverse workforce and how organizations can leverage analytics to solidify a culture of inclusion through the power of advanced analytics.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • The evolving focus from diversity 1.0, inclusion 2.0, to diversity and inclusion 3.0
  • How to measure program results and link the impact of inclusion initiatives to business results
  • How organizational network analysis (ONA) is used to understand inclusion
  • The role that analytics plays in measuring resignation drivers among diverse groups, parity in pay awareness, and adequacy in sourcing/hiring diverse candidates