How is people analytics solving turnover and retention challenges?

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Turnover, churn, attrition, the permanent thorn in your side… no matter what you call it, employee turnover remains one of the greatest challenges for HR leaders. It’s costly, time-consuming, and unfortunately inevitable. HR spends a good portion of their time and budget each year trying to create retention strategies that solve turnover, but rarely to the degree of success they hope for.

People analytics is changing all that. By transforming raw HR data into meaningful answers, insights, and solutions, people analytics can help you create data-driven turnover and retention strategies. Download your copy now to access insights from the people leaders at Visier, Insperity, Lockton, Paycor, and Reframe.Work.

What you’ll learn

  • How turnover affects your organization’s bottom line
  • The risks of tackling turnover and retention without data
  • How to build and analyze a data-driven retention plan

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