The Future of Employee Engagement

HR’s Critical Role in Driving Business Outcomes

In today’s era of big data and mobile apps, the engagement technology landscape is being rapidly disrupted by startups offering solutions for weekly employee “pulse” surveys and continuous 360-degree feedback. These apps overcome a major flaw in traditional annual engagement surveys: They provide companies with an up-to-date measure of engagement and how it is changing. However, they do not solve the ultimate challenge of understanding what actually engages, motivates and retains an employee.

In the next few years, employee engagement will evolve dramatically. In an era of big data and mobile apps, the employee engagement revolution presents both enormous promise and, if not managed right, pain to HR. Join workforce analytics expert Dave Weisbeck as he examines this important topic.

In this webinar, analytics expert Dave Weisbeck will explore:

  • The global workforce trends driving the need for a more engaged and productive workforce than ever before.
  • HR’s critical role in connecting organizational innovation to technology innovation to achieve better performance.
  • The past, present, and future of measuring and understanding workforce engagement.
  • Practical examples of how to uncover insights that move the needle for the business.