Gender Pay Equity

How HR Can Accelerate the Path

Closing the gender wage gap is a key priority for many organizations—for reasons that go far beyond fairness. Research shows that gender-diverse companies are more likely to outperform than their less diverse peers, and establishing an equitable pay policy is an important step forward. Gender diversity—or lack thereof—can affect employer brand, and proposed changes to U.S. pay equity legislation are also driving urgency.

But in spite of considerable attention from both government and business, the wage gap has only improved by 8% in the last 20 years. What’s slowing down progress, and what can employers do about it?

In this on webinar, people analytics expert Dave Weisbeck will review findings from a new study based on workforce data from large U.S. employers. In the webinar, you’ll get:

  • Insights into why the gender wage gap really exists—and why equal work for equal pay alone won’t close the gap
  • Answers to key gender-equity questions about promotion rates, resignation rates, and compensation
  • Recommended ways for employers to increase pay equity