How CEOs and CHROs Can Connect People to Business Strategy

A Harvard Business Review Analytic Services Report

“Too many CEOs know what they need to know about finance, operations, etc., but not what they need to know about talent. If you have an analytics-savvy CHRO, he or she won’t let the CEO get away with problem turnover rates or engagement scores. They have deep conversations about how these metrics are connected to the business.” - John Boudreau, Professor, University of Southern California Marshall School of Business and research director of the Center for Effective Organizations.

It goes without saying that successful HR functions are strategic: they play a vocal role in critical business decisions and directly manage or impact a majority of most companies’ expenses. Indeed, in today’s resource-competitive environment CEOs are increasingly looking for the CHRO to play a more critical role in influencing business outcomes.

After reading this research paper, you'll walk away with a better understanding on how your HR:

  • Measures up against other HR teams
  • Can better connect people strategy to the business