Tackling Talent Strategically: Winning with Workforce Planning - HBR Report

Analytics Drives Strategic Workforce Decisions

A recent survey by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services found that for an overwhelming majority of respondents, inadequate workforce planning has prevented them from meeting business goals.

Harvard Business Review Analytic Services surveyed 323 executives, the majority in positions outside HR. The key findings include:

  • Poor workforce planning has caused talent shortfalls, which in turn led to the inability to meet business goals, according to nearly three out of four respondents.
  • Most companies do not have sufficient information about their workforce in four areas:
    • What is happening with talent acquisition and attrition and why
    • How the workforce plan contributes to the success of the business plan
    • How changes in the workforce will cause variance from the plan
    • What positions/talent are required to meet business objectives

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