BBVA USA Case Study

How BBVA USA Capitalized on Workforce Insights to Reduce Turnover

Starting with workforce insights gleaned from Visier, BBVA USA has reduced annual turnover for one key revenue-producing role by 44% at its highest-turnover branches. 

BBVA USA is a U.S. banking franchise with business units focused on commercial banking, retail banking, and wealth management. It ranks among the top 25 largest U.S. commercial banks based on deposit market share, operating 669 branches across the Sunbelt region. As a subsidiary of global financial services group BBVA, it relies on technology as a competitive advantage for its diversified business.

Read on to learn how BBVA USA:
  • Used people analytics to drastically reduce employee turnover
  • Realized more time for high-value analysis
  • Deployed self-service analytics for business leaders