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How People Analytics Drives Learning and Development

Effectively Use Analytics to Boost the Impact of Your L&D Initiatives

Having metrics in place that demonstrate the ROI of learning is essential to proving how L&D contributes to organizational success. However, the 2017 Chief Learning Officer (CLO) State of the Industry survey identified that over half or all organizations don’t measure the impact of their L&D initiatives on business performance – and the ones that do aren’t entirely happy with their outcomes.

By identifying advanced metrics and building measurement into programs before implementation, L&D will have the data they need to demonstrate to the C-suite the organizational value of training and development.

What you’ll learn:

  • The top findings from the 2017 CLO State of the Industry report
  • How to use analytics effectively to boost the business impact of your L&D initiatives
  • Key insights learning leaders need to make the business case for learning 

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