McKesson Case Study

Building a People Analytics Center of Excellence

McKesson had a need to make more data-driven people decisions. As part of their HR transformation, they had to inform and arm the business with data they needed to make people and business decisions. While a small workforce intelligence group existed, there was a lack of efficiency and an inability to scale analytics efforts across the organization.

In this story, we explore how and why McKesson established a workforce intelligence center of excellence (COE) and the role Visier played in delivering more effective insights–at scale–across the enterprise.

We have been able to double Visier utilization within ten months as we can now concentrate on a core set of tools and communicate with one voice in an advisory capacity.” – RJ Milnor, Vice President of Workforce Planning and Analytics

Read on to learn how McKesson:

  • Built a “hub and spoke” model for their workforce intelligence COE
  • Eliminated 1,000 hours of extraction, reporting, and analytics work in the first six months
  • Used the right combination of people, process, and technology to give their analytics team more business insight and career opportunities