Nucleus Research Guidebook: Visier People®

Get business answers through people analytics–without burdening your IT team

The risks inherent in making decisions based on gut feel and prior experience used to be manageable; however, the current pace of change and the mass of relevant data we produce makes this kind of decision-making unwise and unnecessary. 

With people analytics, business leaders make better-informed decisions and financially outperform their competition. But the expense and complexity of traditional approaches to getting people analytics are present tough challenges to both HR and IT.

This Nucleus Research Guidebook dives into why organizations shouldn’t go down the path of developing a data warehouse or going with the analytics offerings of their HCM provider–and presents a way to advanced HR analytics that puts little burden on IT, achieves business value quickly, and gives HR and business leaders the ability to make smarter decisions with ease.

Read this report to:

  • Uncover the hidden challenges and expense of traditional people analytics approaches
  • Learn why IT and HR benefit from pre-built analytics solutions like Visier People
  • Find out how an enterprise organization saved 5000 labor hours per year with Visier