Consumer Goods Company Proves People Analytics Delivers–No Matter Your Team Size

People Analytics Roll-out with a Lean Team

As with any consumer goods organization with retail operations and tight margins, operating lean is a necessity. People analytics teams come in all sizes, and for this organization, it’s a team of one. This 8,500-person global consumer goods company manufactures sought analytics to consolidate its workforce and business results data so it could easily connect HR initiatives to the bottom line (and vice versa), while also reducing the amount of time the team spent on data gathering and report generation.

Visier is really intuitive. It doesn’ take a lot of specialized training to do analysis.” – VP of Manufacturing, Consumer Goods Company

Read on to learn how their lean team and Visier:

  • Tackled employee turnover in the manufacturing department
  • Used self-service analytics for delivery of insights in seconds instead of days
  • Moved the analytics lead away from report creation to building a data-driven culture