Personalized Career Coaching Using Big Data Insight

In recent years, the hype of big data has left some organizations in limbo with unfulfilled promises of what that data can help them achieve. Mature HR organizations have honed their strategy to find success with the next technology evolution: applied analytics.

Applied people analytics can highlight trouble-spots, forecast trends, and otherwise help you make sense of millions of rows of records so that you can make better decisions for your organization, but it can also be leveraged to help employees on an individual basis.

According to Gallup, when employees leave an organization, 32% are leaving for career advancement. Learn how you can use big data insight to drive meaningful conversations about career development in your organization and achieve better workforce and business outcomes. Listen to Talent Management expert Caitlin Bigsby to learn how you can empower people managers to be career coaches using people analytic insights. 

Webinar Highlights:

  • Why promoting career development helps the organization as well as the employee 
  • How to empower managers to have career development conversations in the absence of HR-defined career paths 
  • How to learn from past employee movement to best predict where to invest development resources