Powered by the hour

How to optimize hourly workforce and create happier, healthier employees

When your bottom line depends on the productivity of hourly workers, little changes make a big difference. You’re collecting volumes of data in the course of doing business—payroll, time keeping, performance, and more—and it’s time to start putting that data to work for you so that you’re certain that your little changes are the right changes.

What you’ll learn:

  • Uncover risks and opportunities that are hiding in plain sight
  • Tell a story with data to get alignment
  • Pilot and test new strategies for success


Caitlin Bigsby.jpg
Caitlin Bigsby, Director, Product Marketing, Visier
Caitlin Bigsby has over 22 years of experience in HCM software solutions and has worked with dozens of organizations over the years to help them maximize the value of their investments, in both their people and their software. Caitlin shines a light on how analytic insight can elevate the strategy of Human Resources. Prior to Visier, Caitlin held consulting and product management roles at Saba Software and Oracle.

Mike Everitt, Sr. Solution Consultant, Visier
Mike Everitt has spent the last 20 years working for various HR software companies including PeopleSoft, Oracle, and now Visier. Specialising in areas such as Time & Attendance and Payroll and working with companies across all industries has given him great insight into the requirements of the hourly workforce and the insights needed to optimise their deployment to mitigate risk and effectively monitor and control costs.