Providence St. Joseph Health

People Analytics Remedies Data Challenges

With a goal to build a culture of evidence-based decision-making within HR and among business leaders, Providence St. Joseph Health needed a solution to overcome the lack of trust around HR data and the technical issues contributing to the divide.

After reviewing everything from ERP reporting/ visualization modules to very technical solutions that included AI, this health system, which supports over 115,000 employees, chose Visier as their people analytics solution since it provided a ‘facilitated journey’ that would drive their organization towards a data-driven culture more quickly and was the strongest solution that looked beyond the HR lens.

Visier is a market leader when looking beyond the HR picture to business outcomes.” – Gary Russo, Director, HR Workforce Intelligence at Providence St. Joseph Health

Read on to learn how Providence St. Joseph Health:

  • Aligned and scaled their people data, especially after the merger of its two health systems
  • Trained and enabled over 10,000 people leaders to use people analytics
  • Built alignment and support for Visier with stakeholders