Recruiting Analytics: What Your ATS Won’t Tell You

Get Past the Hurdles to Uncover Insights

Recruiting is arguably the HR function with highest visibility across every organization. Talent acquisition remains an ever-present concern for business leaders who risk declines in productivity if they can’t fill their talent pipeline. To ensure success, HR teams need be vigilant about measuring the effectiveness of the hiring process.

But that’s easier said than done. While plenty of applicant tracking systems and other recruiting tools are set up to report on hiring activities, rates, and costs, they typically stop tracking applicants as soon as they’re hired. Because of that crucial limitation, measuring the lasting impact of the recruiting process becomes a daunting, insurmountable task.

Listen to expert Ian Cook to learn how talent acquisition teams can get past those hurdles to uncover insights from beyond their ATS that will help them:
  • Discover which hiring activities improve quality of hire across the full employee lifecycle
  • Optimize the recruiting process to target and hire candidates proven to have long term success
  • Create more accurate hiring plans that draw on historical rates for turnover and hiring success
  • Choose the right mix of FTE, agency, and RPO recruiting by comparing costs over time for each option