Reducing Risk: How to Get Ahead of Fast-Changing Workforce Legislation

Steps to Quickly Assess How Updates to Employment Laws will Impact the Workforce

Changes to workforce legislation create considerable risk to the ongoing fiscal health of your organization and increase its exposure to potentially catastrophic lawsuits, government fines, and reputational damage. To reduce risk, every HR professional needs to quickly and accurately assess how updates to employment laws will impact the workforce and discover how their organization can best adapt policies and programs to reduce liability.

But given the complex and dynamic nature of workforce legislation, how can you hope to analyze the potential effects of changes quickly enough to mitigate risk? 

In this webinar, workforce intelligence expert Dave Weisbeck discusses risks related to three areas of workforce legislation that are undergoing rapid change:

  • The new overtime rules from the Department of Labor 
  • The proposed pay equity reporting requirements that could begin as early as next year
  • Ever-changing employee classification laws that limit which employees qualify as contractors
Watch to discover how cloud-based workforce intelligence can help you gauge the level of risk for your organization and create viable, long-term strategies for success.

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