Solving the HR Analytics Problem

White Paper: How to stop wasting time and start generating meaningful insights

It’s no secret that built-in HRIS reporting capabilities and complicated HR Excel spreadsheets are draining time from your HR team. People analytics enables you to transform the HR data you’re already generating into actionable insights for complex organizational problems, such as retention, diversity, and talent acquisition.

In this white paper, you’ll understand:

  • The difference between HR reports and people analytics
  • The true cost of time wasted on inefficient HR reporting
  • How to build a business case for people analytics within your organization

Drag and drop your old HR Excel templates into your recycle bin. It’s time you began your organization’s digital transformation with people analytics.

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Dignity Health

"Visier has enabled Apria to have a single source of truth for our people data. Instead of dealing with noise about how we calculate metrics, the conversation with leaders is now about the why."

Sabrina Park, Director of Organizational Effectiveness at Apria Healthcare

"We use data and analytics every day to make better decisions in our why should the employee experience be any different? Visier will fundamentally change and accelerate this journey for Genentech."

Chase Rowbotham, Head of People Analytics at Genentech

"At Dignity Health, Visier is successfully supporting the transformation of the Human Resources function and the elevation of our HR Business Partner role by connecting our leaders to workforce insights that help them achieve their business and ministry goals."

Todd Horton, Director of Workforce Intelligence at Dignity Health

"Implementing Visier is a key initiative that is enabling our HR professionals to be strategic partners to the businesses they support, helping them to make data-driven, fact-based decisions about our workforce."

Matthew Hamilton, VP of HR at Regions Bank

"Visier is changing the culture of HR and enabling a true strategic partnership with the lines of business HR supports."

Dan Lapporte, Sr. Manager Talent Strategy & Workforce Planning at Kaiser Permanente