The State of Artificial Intelligence in HR

Is HR ready for Artificial Intelligence Technology?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become one of the hottest topics in technology in recent months. Many software vendors are touting their AI capabilities and one could argue its one of the corporate buzzwords of 2018. This survey, conducted by, questioned almost 1000 HR professionals from various industries and company sizes, about their knowledge of AI and their predictions for its future in people management.

It's clear that regardless of where you and your organization sits with AI technology now, to stay ahead of the curve, HR professionals will need to hone their skills and continue to gain more knowledge about AI in order to maximize its benefits (and avoid potential risks). Download the full survey report to read all of the research findings and see what next steps HR professionals should take.

Key findings include:

  • As a profession, HR is still toward the bottom of the AI learning curve and current AI usage rates are low. Only 8% strongly agreed that they are knowledgable in this area. Even fewer say their organizations make use of AI to a high degree today.
  • AI has the greatest potential to enhance HR in analytics and metrics as well as predictions. Another top area is talent acquisition.
  • Respondents who are knowledgable about AI are much more likely to foresee employee augmentation rather than automation as the potential for AI in HR in the next five years.
  • More respondents predict job losses than job gains as a result of AI in their organizations.