Tackling Talent Strategically: Winning with Workforce Planning

Find out how HR can play a more critical role in driving business performance than ever before

A recent Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report found that nearly three-quarters of businesses have missed their objectives because of poor workforce planning. Although C-suite leaders constantly adjust the markets where they compete in, the products they offer and the customers they serve, decisions about hiring and developing the talent needed to carry out these plans often are unconnected.

What role can human resources play in transforming workforce planning from a tactical, once-a-year exercise, into a strategic, continuous data-driven process that provides a company with a competitive advantage?

In this webinar, workforce analytics expert Ian Cook will share:

  • Share workforce survey results
  • Discuss human resources’ opportunity to “move the needle” for the business with effective workforce planning
  • Uncover why the workforce has become an increasingly core strategic consideration to businesses