How to use people analytics to solve workforce costs

Learn how to solve workforce challenges using UltiPro Payroll data within Visier

HR leaders have been thrust to the frontlines of their organizations, and are expected to make difficult, strategic decisions about workforce costs and headcount. To be a successful HR professional in a digital world, you need to understand what people analytics are, how they’re helping solve crucial business problems.

Join Logan Gibson, Sr. Customer Success Manager at Visier, and Maggie Curcio, CPO at Henderson Engineers for a 45 minute webinar where we walk you through how you can solve common HR problems using Ultipro payroll data in a people analytics solution. We’ll show you step by step how to use analytics to solve business challenges, and have plenty of time for Q&A.

You’ll learn how to quickly solve questions like:

  • Have changes in revenue affected your total cost of workforce or compensation strategy?
  • How do cost-saving measures affect your workforce costs?
  • What costs are fixed and what costs are variable? What levers can you pull to help achieve financial resilience?

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