What Your ATS Isn't Telling You

Can Your ATS Measure Long-term Quality of Hire?

Talent acquisition is arguably the one HR area that provides the biggest advantage to a business. It’s no surprise, then, that attempting to predict the quality of employees that companies hire—before they hire them—is a fast-growing industry.

But accurately forecasting candidate quality is easier said than done. When it comes to measuring long-term quality, the applicant tracking systems that most organizations use to manage the hiring process aren’t up to the task. Download the guide to find out what your ATS isn't telling you.

In this paper, learn:
  • The inherent disadvantage that an ATS has when measuring quality of hire
  • Six critical limitations that applicant tracking systems can’t overcome without a long, costly business intelligence project
  • How cloud-based people analytics can help you quickly boost the quality, speed, and visibility of your hiring process