Why Talent Acquisition Needs to Undergo a Modern Mindshift

Expert Insights from HR Analyst Mollie Lombardi of Aptitude Research Partners

Recruiting practices and outcomes are under increasing scrutiny, and there is a huge gap in using workforce data to inform business planning.

As the pressure to identify talent intensifies, companies need to address a more holistic view of every stage of the candidate’s journey, from candidate to applicant to new hire. Hiring is too important to get wrong, so bringing data together to predict where to find top talent, and which individuals will be successful within the organization is critical.

In this guide, Mollie Lombardi, Co-Founder and CEO of Aptitude Research Partners, shares:
  • The 4 talent acquisition processes requiring a mindshift today
  • Why your ATS isn’t enough to manage and measure a strategic recruiting practice
  • 4 elements and rules needed to better understand quality when it comes to talent acquisition